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Release Date: July 30, 2016

Year    :   2016
By    :   Romain "Sherkhan" Chiffre (Raatid Magic films)
Slogan    :   «Recording a song back in the 10's»
Genre    :   A Jamaican tale about music
Time    :   21 minutes
Subtitles    :   English, Spanish, French & Dutch

ROCK DEM is a short fiction movie about the struggles of a young artist pursuing his dream to be a Singer. The movie takes you through the Dancehall and Reggae scenes in Jamaica giving the audience a feel of what music is like on the Island and the rigors of what a young artist goes through to survive in the music industry.

About Raatid Magic films

Born in Paris, Romain “Sherkhan” Chiffre grew up in a very artistic environment, his father being a stuntman and filmmaker, he turned himself very young to creation.

  • After a few travels, he fall really in love with Jamaica, its light and its atmosphere, and after some back and forth, finally decided to settle there permanently in 2003.
  • He soon formed his own recording studio and label, Tiger Records. In 2004 he composed and produced his first riddim entitled the Wharfedale riddim.
  • Meanwhile, Sherkhan grabbed a camera and started directing music videos for his own production first, and then for other artists or labels who quickly call him. Raatid Magic Films became his signature.

//     After directing several music videos and some documentaries, he presents his first movie ROCK DEM.

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“Rock Dem” was made in Jamaica, and was filmed and directed by Romain ‘Sherkhan’ Chiffre, Raatid Magic Films. Sherkhan is a young talented Film-maker who has been creating a buzz as his style and standard of films and videos is being sought after both locally and internationally. Rock Dem will highlight the versatility of the Director and also the actors.

For the first time on screen you will see Clayton Johnson known as “Exile Di Brave” incarnating the “Bushmaster”. Also featured in the film are some of Jamaica talented Artistes and Musicians such as Kazam Davis, Infinite, I-Waata, Yaadcore, whom is a prominent and local DJ on the Reggae scene and many more.

In 2015, Sherkhan also released the ROCK DEM RIDDIM on his Tiger Records label, recorded for the movie.
   1. Exile Di Brave - Not a Bed of Roses
   2. Infinite - Everyone Irie
   3. Kazam Davis - Ham, Shem & Japeth
ROCK DEM RIDDIM medley on Youtube.
Available on iTunes.
Exile Di Brave is always putting out new and exciting projects for his growing fan base.
The fast-rising reggae star’s creative drive and his desire to keep his fans happy have kept his career on an upward trajectory since he embarked on his musical journey in 2003. He has a deep love for music and other forms of artistic expressions. Therefore, it is no surprise that his latest project has landed him on the silver screen. Exile Di Brave is featured in the recently released short film titled Rock Dem, in which he plays the lead character ‘Bushmaster’..

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EVERYONE CALLS him Sherkhan, like the villainous tiger in the classic children’s story The Jungle Book.
With a taste for the ferocious, he sports tiger stripes, tattooed on his upper arm. He even named his record label Tiger Records. But the France native gives his birth name, for formality sake, as Romain Chiffre. Like many other Europeans, he was introduced to reggae back in the ’80s, when the genre began to attract worldwide consumption. Chiffre named his two favourite artistes as Ella Fitzgerald and Sizzla Kalonji. “I mean, Ella died. It was just Sizzla left,” he laughed. This was the reason he gave for his subsequent immersion in Jamaican culture. Though he didn’t understand what he was hearing, he was hooked on Sizzla’s music.

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